We are excited to share with you that on January 1, 2024, the Housing Network of Hamilton County and
Partnerships for Housing will become Inclusive Housing Resources. IHR is dedicated to managing and
developing safe, affordable, and accessible housing opportunities in Hamilton, Butler, and Clermont
IHR has managed the administrative functions of HNHC and PFH for 18 years, but as of January 1,
the three organizations will only be known as Inclusive Housing Resources. There will be only one board
governing the organization and it will streamline the administrative processes for managing a portfolio
of accessible housing options across three counties.

What’s the same:
The staff at IHR.
o All your main contacts remain the same.

The housing opportunities offered.
o All the properties previously associated with HNHC and PFH are still available under IHR

The process of apply for housing.
o Applicants will still need to receive a referral through their SSA at Hamilton County,
Butler County, or Clermont County Board of Developmental Disability Services.

What’s changed:
Our website.
o The new IHR website is designed to better help all our families and partners understand
the process and connect with our team.

The organizational structure.
o All administrative functions will take place under IHR rather than be broken out by
county, which allows for more efficiency in our services.

We continue to be committed to our mission of providing affordable quality living opportunities with a
focus on people with disabilities.

Please contact our office at 513.619.2929 should you have any questions about this upcoming change.


Gina Gehm
Inclusive Housing Resources, Executive Director